19 April 2014

Novana (Nirvana tribute) @ The O2 Academy Liverpool review

Novana (Nirvana tribute) @ The O2 Academy Liverpool review

Its been 20 years since In Utero was released and we have come to the O2 Academy Liverpool to see the tribute Novana play it in full, or at least that's what I thought but instead we were to receive a more robust rendition of Nirvana's works which in my opinion was the better option.

Supported by the wonderful Matchstick Men, the group came on to some minor microphone difficulties which were soon put right by the technician in mid scream from lead singer James Cooper.

What followed was a hitch-free set covering everything you would want from a Nirvana gig and from the outset they kept the crowd rocking. Playing hits like Rape Me, Heart shaped box and Lithium the audience were loving every minute of it and the obligatory shout outs for the favourite songs came thick and fast.

When finally Feels Like Teen spirit kicked in the people went wild. It's been a long time since I've seen a crowd doing and actually being allowed to do a mosh pit in a venue but they weren't holding back and even at one point crowd surfing.

All in all a great night with a great atmosphere, great dialogue between lead singer James and the Liverpool crowd and a great set of songs to go with it although I personally thought 90 mins a bit long I'm sure the audience members would disagree. 

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