14 April 2014

Singer-songwriter Elizaveta's Hero EP Out Today

Singer-songwriter Elizaveta's Hero EP

Singer-songwriter Elizaveta's Hero EP Out Today

Elegant and innovative, singer-songwriter Elizaveta released her new EP, Hero, today via iTunes. Her best work to date, the five song EP features the title track, a remix of which was the soundtrack to the 12 million-viewed video “Superman with a GoPro,” “Red Balloon,” “Spaceman,” “God Only Knows” and the EPs second single “Sorry.” Concurrent to the EP’s iTunes onsale, Elizaveta released a stirring new video for “Sorry.” The beautiful clip features Malece Miller and Nico Greetham of So You Think You Can Dance (2013) fame. Visit the A.V. Club here to view the video for “Sorry."

Complex and multi-layered, the five song Hero EP takes listeners on an intricate musical journey with a unique blend of pop melody, piano hooks, electronic soundscapes and dreamy vocals. The first single, “Hero” was written, produced, and arranged by Elizaveta and the EP is her first completely independent production effort overall. In its first week of release, the extraordinary debut track “Hero” sold an impressive 9,000 copies.

The video for her new single, “Sorry” was choreographed by celebrity choreographer and trainer Ryan Heffington (Muse, The Gossip, Ke$ha, Shiny Toy Guns, Nikka Costa, etc.) and directed by Nicolas Randall (Roberto Cavalli, Daft Punk, MTV, etc.). The collaboration of talent creates a cinematic journey that views more like a film than a music video, and captures the song’s deep emotional theme while complimenting Elizaveta’s powerful voice and talent.

Elizaveta says, “The Hero EP is a natural evolution of my debut album, Beatrix Runs. It is genre-bending, and maybe even a bit more adventurous.  My first single “Hero" is definitely on the epic side. I call it my 'Game of Thrones' song and it features a crowd sourced choir at the end of the song. "Spaceman" and "Red Balloon" are more electro-oriented, while "Sorry" is definitely retro, with an old French movie-meets-classic R&B vibe. "God Only Knows” is an intimate tune that builds from just piano to an orchestral pay-off in the end. Finally, I couldn't have done this without the skills of the mixer Robert Chiarelli and Bob Ludwig, who was the mastering engineer for the EP.”

Born in New York, raised in Moscow, Russia, and now residing in Venice, CA, Elizaveta is a classically trained opera singer, self-described as a “musical alchemist.” Enriched with cultural undertones from her diverse background, and combined with her incredible talents as a pianist and songwriter, Elizaveta’s unique sound is an amalgamation of musical styles including, classical, pop, opera, electronic music, rock and more. She is lauded as "a brilliant musical innovator who can honestly claim to be doing new things in music that no one else is” (CBS).  With Hero, Elizaveta created an exquisite EP that contains five songs of musical mastery that has the ability to touch fans from a multitude of genres. Over the years her music has been featured in films and TV shows, such as Pretty Little Liars, So You Think You Can Dance and Scandal, among others. She has toured widely both in Europe and the United States, including a recent tour across Russia with ultra-popular Russian stars B-2 and a symphony orchestra and has plans to tour following the release of her EP.

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