27 April 2014

Szilenze to launch national tour and demand that you Shut Up and Listen

Szilenze national tour Shut Up and Listen

Szilenze to launch national tour and demand that you Shut Up and Listen

Rising stars Szilenze have put together a Did-It-Themselves late spring national tour and will be hitting the road May 22, 2014. The tour will kick off in Iowa City, Iowa at Gabes. And ending at the Whisky-a-go-go

Throwing caution to the wind and daring to succeed where so many others have failed, this rag tag group of fighters will take their never-give-up attitude, try-or-die work ethic and overwhelming positivity on the road and to the masses. Szilenze has been relatively unknown for the majority of their existence but have finally kicked the door open and dare you to try to close it.

Making bold statements with their songs, such as Shut Up and Listen, Take This Life, Dear John, Nothing Left to Say and more, Szilenze isn't afraid to deliver a message that comes right from the heart and speaks to the human condition. Themes of love, loss, hope, anger, angst and acceptance are recurring and speak to everyone on one level or another; it's clear Szilenze has "gone through some stuff." Don't worry, though, as Szilenze also has fun with some tongue-in-cheek songs: Mr. Right Now, Popular, Where Were You and more. For those coming out to discover Szilenze for the first time, get ready to see and hear a band that delivers on its message of Shut Up and Listen.

Shedding their old skin and reinventing themselves, Szilenze has taken to dressing up in outfits they call Steamrock. It's a bold look to match their over-the-top alter egos which has many in the fandom, comparing them to KISS. Szilenze blends the elements of theatrics and music with a stunning visual that is an indulgent treat for the eyes and ears. Of course having an average band height over 6'2" doesn't hurt, either.

Szilenze has gained momentum with their anti-bullying outreach and their song "Take This Life," which speaks about real life situations within which the members have found themselves and friends. Szilenze has also been in The Flair Gun Publications with their message of support for the LGBT community. Szilenze wants to reach out and connect with those often overlooked and held down because they themselves were. They seek to be champions for the little guys, the underdogs, the freaks, the geeks, the nerds, the uncool, the lonely, the sad, the confused and anyone and everyone who's ever felt they weren't good enough or made to feel less than by another person.

"A publicity campaign is planned in support of the tour and we feel this is only the beginning. Szilenze is building Steamrock, one fan at a time," and "If you've been there, they have a song for that," stated the band's manager, Bibi Adell.


  1. Yes. Words cannot express how excited I am for you guys to finally make your dreams come true. Ever since I was 4 years old and you were all just starting out with the band, this dream has always been talked about. I'm glad I was able to come along for the ride. :)

    1. Awesome Zav, thanks for the support