21 May 2014

EnterTheLexicon release self titled EP 3RD June

EnterTheLexicon self titled EP

EnterTheLexicon release self titled EP 3RD June

Newcastle Upon Tyne based trio, EnterTheLexicon will release their debut self titled EP on 3rd June 2014. 

Simply known as ETL to their ardent followers, the band began to make noise on the scene after receiving constant support from BBC Introducing in Newcastle. This then opened doors for the trio who signed with up and coming LA record label Kill/Hurt Recordings early this year. 

With influences from legendary bands such as Reuben and Nirvana, these guys bring a taste of our youth to the 21st century. These bands have lived by being honest within the music they create, which spoke the language that EnterTheLexicon have lived by and understood, giving them a multitude of reasons why every melody, riff and emotive sound flourished their song writing within this release.

This EP is a bit of a mix of genres, but all in the same somber vein. You’ve got four authentic songs that give a great foundation in representing what the band are all about. These guys have laid their heart and soul on a plate in this debut, which marks the territory perfectly for what is to come.

Enter The Lexicon’ is released on 3 June 2014. 

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