21 June 2014

New York City-based indie-pop band Stargroves to release debut Album

New York City indie-pop band Stargroves debut Album

New York City-based indie-pop band Stargroves to release debut Album

The road to success is especially tough for indie bands.  Stargroves, a New York City-based indie-pop band has defied those odds.The group originated with lifelong musician and New York University Computer Science student Teddy Watson. As founder and lead singer, Teddy recruited the current band members, bringing their eclectic mix of talents together to create the band's unique sound. Teddy writes the band's songs, drawing inspiration from musicians like Sigur Rós and Stars. 

In 2012 Teddy took a three-month hiatus to Iceland. In Reykjavík,  he focused on writing songs for the upcoming album. Upon returning to New York, Teddy teamed up with Freelance Whales’ producer Jeremy Sklarsky to record the music. 

Stargroves' music is best described as a unique type of indie pop – one that combines catchy melodies with wild and often orchestral compositions. Their uniquely eclectic sound has garnered recognition from MTV Buzzworthy and Perez Hilton, among other media outlets and industry bloggers. 

David Greenwald of MTV Buzzworthy observed that the song “'Within Me a Lunatic Sings' plays like a Pinterest board of 00's indie rock greatest hits: Stars, Sigur Rós, and Freelance Whales are shot through the group's sound, revealing themselves as track transitions from jittery boy-girl keyboard pop into a dramatic piano and string section.” 

Perez Hilton compared Stargroves to a “very modern Postal Service infused with a slice of Taylor Swift-esque guitar rifts...we are LOVING the complimenting tones of both Teddy and Abigail's voices. Impressive first effort, you hot young thangs!” He was referring to Abigail Breslin, an Academy Award-nominated actress and singer who sometimes joins the band, and is heard on the songs “Westfjords” and “Within Me a Lunatic Sings.” She is best known for her roles in Enders Game, Little Miss Sunshine, and Zombieland. 

The band recorded all songs in New York City at Threshold Studios. Teddy Watson produced, Jeremy Sklarsky was the recording engineer, and Enrico de Trizio assisted with the production. The album is scheduled for release on July 22, 2014.

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