3 July 2014

The Courtesans to host live Q&A, video stream and release new single due in Aug

The Courtesans live Q&A, video stream new single August

The Courtesans to host live Q&A, video stream and release new single due in Aug

The Courtesans: Untamed and unparalleled. Intoxicating and decadent. Freefalling, heady, underground doom pop meets electro rock that strains at the leash to be unchained and finally released. Relinquishing stereotypes and promoting self-acceptance instead of self-loathing via their epic live performances and highly emotive music and videos.

The Courtesans have been back in the studio recording their long-awaited debut album ‘1917’, set for release on 8 September.

Genius’ the first single taken from the upcoming long-player is a deliciously-rich potion of jagged guitar hooks, dark soaring choruses and ethereal vocals. The band will premiere the video for ‘Genius’ on Wednesday 9th July via a Q&A followed by video stream before the clip is shared online.

About the video for 'Genius'
This hard-hitting video considers the never-ending, unattainable portrayal of ‘the perfect woman’. With unavoidable advertising and mounting social pressure from both sexes, we too often witness childhoods ending all too early in favour of cheap lipstick and chicken-fillet bras as young women rise to the bait of their own growing insecurities overtly and subliminally governed by outside sources.

Beyond this, we find the anti-ageing army of surgery toters, trading botox and collagen injections that prey on the insecure and the vulnerable. Slimming pills, eating disorders, false hair, false nails, false person, false life. To conform is never enough for as we are judged and criticised for our differences and short falls so too are we judged and criticised for owning a beautiful face or a curvaceous body.

The clip sees the band - our four overtly-individual heroines - being burned at the stake for refusing to sacrifice their own opinions of how beauty should be perceived and how this should remain the property and under the control of the individual. Covering tattoos with skin coloured paint does not alter the truth of what lies beneath the paint and indeed beneath the skin.
You should not be crucified for simply wanting to just

‘Genius’ will be released as The Courtesans debut single on 25th August and available from all your favourite online retailers.

Fans can submit questions to the band before the live QandA by heading to The Courtesans’ Facebook page and submitting a ‘message’ by Friday 4th July:

The launch will be shortly followed by video links for your publication.

Get the .ical file here or add it to your Google Calendar.

See The Courtesans live:
11 July - London, Proud Camden (tickets)
1 August - Porth, The Factory - Rhondda Rocks w/ Future Of The Left, Radstewart and more (tickets)
15 August - Manchester, Ruby Lounge (tickets)
18 August - Tamworth, The Attic (tickets)

Notes for editors:
The Courtesans are Sinead La Bella (vocals), Saffire Sanchez (guitar), Agnes D. Jones (bass) and Victoria Brown (drums).

‘Genius’ Single: 25th August 2014
‘1917’ Album: 8th September 2014

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