14 August 2014

American Beatbox Championships announces Reeps One as co-headliner

American Beatbox Championships 2014 Reeps One

American Beatbox Championships announces Reeps One as co-headliner

The 5th Annual American Beatbox Championships will feature one of the world’s best beatboxers Reeps One as a co-headliner and special guest judge alongside Police Academy’s legendary vocalist, Michael Winslow. The weekend long event takes place October 10th - 12th bringing together beatboxers from around the world to participate in film screenings, workshops, panels, showcases, a visual art exhibit, and battle competitions. 

The grand final of the competition will be held in Webster Hall’s Marlin Room on Sunday, October 12th @ 6pm hosted by Hasan Salaam and Patrick Cucuta with live music by Gentei Kaijo. In addition to this year’s musical showcases the event will feature its visual arts exhibit ‘Graphic Vocals’ at TBA Brooklyn featuring the visual art of Reeps One.  

The World Beatbox Association teamed up with other American beatbox organizations to produce four regional battles across the country selecting eight of the final sixteen. The American Beatbox Championships will select the remaining top 8 with qualifying battles at Lot45 in Brooklyn on it’s opening night, Friday October 10th from 9pm till 2am. It will also hold it’s first annual 2 vs 2 team battles and loopstation battles at Brooklyn Bazaar the following night hosted by Canadian beatboxers Balu Ballistic and Bbk at 7pm. 

American Beatbox Championships is also partnering with Hype Magazine for it’s 5th Annual coverage. The magazine has covered "News from Hip Hop to Hollywood" since 2002. Hype Magazine has nearly 200,000 digital subscribers and 2 million unique visitors per month to its online properties. 

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