24 September 2014

Anonymous musician egomunk releases The Patient

Anonymous egomunk The Patient

Anonymous musician egomunk releases The Patient

Anonymous musician egomunk has announced the release of his much anticipated second official video, ‘The Patient,’ which is set to drop on the 21st October 2014.

Following the soaring success of the first official video, Sea Snow, from his debut album ‘Footsteps to Mars,’ the second release comes at a time when the public’s appetite for real music is at its peak.

‘The Patient’ has an eerie yet beautiful feel that wraps the listener in an addictive haze. The haunting vocals and soft melody create a dream ridden atmosphere. The lifting chorus into the major scale carries along a sense of hope for the artist in his troubles. It is hard to ignore any aspect of this track as it has been produced to the highest of standards and so unpredictable throughout that it seduces the listener into a state of flux.

egomunk is a talented artist who has uniquely decided to release all of his music for free, forever. In times where the music is dominated by industry restrictions and celebrity, egomunk has decided to keep his identity a secret, letting his album be enjoyed for the music not the face behind it. egomunk believes in creative freedom and is gaining a cult following of fans who want to break the restrictions within the arts industry. As part of this campaign, egomunk invites his fans to join the project by submitting video entries to a competition called Ego View within the website. One of these videos has now been selected as the winner and acts as the official video release for The Patient. This is an innovative step within the music industry, not only is the artist engaging his fans but he is letting them contribute to his journey.

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