26 September 2014

Port Erin to release new album Floating above the City

Port Erin new album Floating above the City

Port Erin to release new album Floating above the City

Port Erin – Floating above the City. The new album, out October 20th on Secret Chord Records

This is an album about both understanding and confusion, presenting a band seemingly at one with their place in the world, but also who show an increasing dissatisfaction with that particular realm, and the issues affecting it. Musically broad, it encompasses a heady trip through space-rock, jazz, avant-garde, funk, psychedelia, ambient, progressive and more besides to create a unique and ear-opening sound.

The reflective lyrics are often told from a space that has the band regarding their younger selves, as main lyricist Reuben Tyghe illustrates; “Floating Above The City as a concept and title first hit me whilst trekking across Camden in Bath back in 2008 whilst having what felt like some kind of out of body experience. That classic looking down on one's self moment - I felt like I snap-shot analysed my life in 4 seconds. It's an image and feeling I often go back to. The song is like a letter to a close friend or brother. It's a song to myself I guess - an older self, talking to a younger, unaware person in his early 20's having the clich├ęd post 21 identity crisis.”

Some songs are less personal but no less philosophical as Reuben explains when discussing Makes No Difference; “It's always confused me in life that it often seems that it doesn't matter whether you use good will or plain evil to succeed. It makes no difference. There are no moral brain police. People use any means possible to get what they want.”

Further on through the album Can't Tell (Music from the Sticky Plateaux) reinforces the themes of consideration and understanding; “When there's no way of knowing whether you're being lied to or not and it screws your mind it sucks. It's a song about that” clarifies Reuben. “And The Sticky Plateaux? That is the musical place where we'd been at whilst writing this album, pulling out tunes from the swamp of possibilities.”

Being recorded and mixed at Nine Volt Leap studio by Dominic Bailey, and mastered by Tim Oliver at Top Cat Studios has meant that this album has very much been the product of the bands Wiltshire homeland, a part of the world the band are proud to come from.

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Upcoming Tour Dates

·         Wed 22nd Oct / Bath / The Nest
·         Thu 23rd Oct / Swindon / The Vic
·         Fri 24th Oct / Bristol / Mr. Wolf's
·         Fri 31st Oct / Oxford / The Bullingdon
·         Thu 6th Nov / Salford (Gt. Manchester) / The Eagle Inn
·         Fri 7th Nov / Liverpool / The Lomax
·         Sat 8th Nov / Leeds / TBA
·         Sun 9th Nov / Hull / The Adelphi
·         Thu 20th Nov / London / Syrus
·         Fri 21st Nov / Marlborough / Sound Knowledge (Azuza)
·         Fri 28th Nov / Bath / St. James' Wine Vaults
·         Fri 12th Dec / Bristol / The Golden Lion
·         Sat 13th Dec / Bath / The Royal Oak

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