30 September 2014

Rich Hopkins and The Luminarios Release Tombstone

Rich Hopkins and The Luminarios Tombstone

Rich Hopkins and The Luminarios Release Tombstone

"Tombstone," from Rich Hopkins and The Luminarios, showcases a "wall of guitar"
 trademark style that alerts the listener that classic rock is alive and well. As the album unfolds, catchy pop hooks and epic rock harmonies are unveiled in a ceremony of searing sound. Complete with social commentary and a defined style, once described by Magnet 
as a "blend of power pop, folk rock and Tom Petty/Neil Young classicism," listeners are
reminded of the individuality of a Rich Hopkins and The Luminarios record upon first hearing "Tombstone."

Hopkins, who has been a part of the American music scene since 1985, is, amazingly, still an undiscovered talent to some.  Founding the Tucson, Ariz. based Sidewinders (RCA 1989-91)/Sand Rubies (Polygram 1993), Hopkins toured the U.S. and celebrated success with college/indie rock classics "Witchdoctor" and "We Don't Do That Anymore" (both went to #5 on the CMJ charts). In 1991, Hopkins formed Rich Hopkins and The Luminarios as a side project; it soon became his full time band when the Sand Rubies stopped touring. He has consistently cranked out new records and tours yearly in Germany/Europe (25 tours) where, in 1996, he was one of the first artists signed to Germany's Blue Rose Records.

A new member of the Tucson Musicians Museum (Class of 2013), Hopkins enters music history as the quintessential desert rocker, a constant in the bedrock of alternative music. As evidenced on "Tombstone," Hopkins possesses an ability to create unmistakable guitar tones that drive a hallmark sound and, as the years pass, he continues to reinvent and motivate himself for yet another album and tour.

Industry Quotes
"I am playing it in my car since three days now - can't stop! If Tom Petty calls his new album 'maximum rock and roll' how should we call this? Super maximum rock and roll? It's another great record my friend, proud as always to release it! Great job, whoever is involved in it! Your fans will love it!
Edgar Heckmann/ Blue Rose Records, Germany

"I finally heard it completely. I am totally exhausted. Brilliant! Uutstanding! I could scream and cry at the same time for joy. My reverence to the great master! I salute respectfully!"
Holger J. Schubert/ The Rich Hopkins German Fan Club

"It's a brilliant effort. A bunch of great songs on there and good production. Nice job!
Quinn Bishop/ Cactus Music, Houston, Texas 

"TOMBSTONE"* Track Listing:
1.     Don't Worry (Hopkins)
2.     Everything (Hopkins/ Novak/ Sanchez)
3.     Tombstone (Hopkins/ Novak)
4.     Home Of The Brave (Hopkins/ Novak)
5.     Free Man (Novak/ Hopkins)
6.     Hang On (Hopkins/ Novak)
7.     Top Of The World (Hopkins/ Novak)
8.     No Regrets (Hopkins/ Novak)
9.     Campfire Chat w/Luke and Jimmy (Hopkins/ Sanchez)
10.   Private Shaw (Hopkins)
11.   Mourning Song (Novak/ Hopkins)
12.   Leona's Waltz (Hopkins/ Novak)

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