23 October 2014

Florida based rapper Terock releases new single HNIC

Florida eapper Terock new single HNIC

Florida based rapper Terock releases new single HNIC

Florida based rapper and hip-hop heavyweight Terock has today released his brand new surefire club hit single ‘HNIC’ via his own label Arrogant Minds Entertainment, which is available now on iTunes and through all digital retailers.

‘HNIC’ is a great reflection of Terrance Brock’s (AKA Terock) personal brand and sound, blending unshakable lyrical confidence with impressive urban beats to create a party-worthy club hit record.

As fierce a poet as he is a rapper, Terock cites influences such as veteran hip-hop and rap artists Nas and Outkast. Growing up in Tampa, Florida, as a drummer and a rabid fan of hip-hop and rap music, Terock performed his first rap song written by his older brother while still in elementary school. He quickly rose up in the Southern hip-hop rankings and started his own record label, 8522 Music (now Arrogant Minds Entertainment), to prove that artists can be major without a major.

Since then he has performed with Illsyadas, recorded a song for WCW Wrestler Evan Korageous and recorded six official full-length releases and over a dozen singles. He garnered a national distribution deal with RND Distribution in 2003 with the album Greenridge, the Untold Story and in 2007 released White Kollar Hustlin. In 2010 he showcased his wide range of musical influences on Black Market Music and after taking a break he is now back with his latest single, HNIC.

You can listen to ‘HNIC’ now on Terock’s official SoundCloud page over at

For more information, visit:
Twitter: @Terock1
Instagram: Terock813

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