28 October 2014

MusicMafia present the UK-based hard rock act Mary's Ruin

hard rock Mary's Ruin

MusicMafia present the UK-based hard rock act Mary's Ruin

The UK-based hard rock act Mary's Ruin was formed in Late-2012, after vocalist Jason Roberts and guitarist Mark Gibb formed the band after a previous band had dissolved in the same year. Within a few months the band had secured the line up of Steven Sheldon on Bass and Paul Stack on drums and had started rehearsals and writing sessions for Live shows and planned studio time for the following year.

Mary’s Ruins first show was in December 2012 at the Corporation opening up for the Dogs 
D’ Amore on their UK and European tour. This was the starting point that included future shows with both touring bands and local bands up and down the UK, playing both Venues and Clubs. 

In March 2013 Mary’s Ruin went in to the studio and started to record their debut album called Down the line, this was an independent eight track album that was released as a free download in October of the same year. As a free download Down the Line received a positive response both in Europe and the US, with regular airplay and requests on local and internet based radio stations. 

This has also lead to tracks from the album being added to charity compilation cd’s for both child abuse and cancer research, in which Mary’s Ruin are happy to be associated with to raise awareness.

Mary’s Ruin continued to play shows both as a headline and a support act in 2013, gaining themselves a good reputation as a talented and professional live act. Following the success of the work Mary’s Ruin has achieved over the years, they have also worked well with companies to endorse and promote their products. In late 2013 Mary’s Ruin was approached and signed an endorsement with Wienbrock custom amplifiers, Vintage Guitars and Dunlop strings, this was a great opportunity for the band and they are proud to work with them on all aspects of promotions. 

After a year of shows and recording Mary’s Ruin have taken some time out in 2014 to write new material for a forthcoming album, it was in this hiatus that there was a change in the line up as both Steven Sheldon and Paul Stack decided to part ways with the band to pursue other ventures. After auditions in mid 2014 Mary’s Ruin found Mike Fife on bass (Ex Bordello Pimps) and Simon Ryder on drums (Ex Chasing Dark) to take the place of the former members. 

Mary’s Ruin are an energetic, hard working and professional band who like to entertain, they have worked hard on their presentation and delivery of their live shows and this has earned positive comments and respect from other bands and promoters and has resulted in an increase to their fan base. 

Mary’s Ruin is booked in to the studio for late November to record their second official release and this is due for release in early 2015 as well as new tour dates and media/web sites. Mary’s Ruin are a strong contender for a hard hitting band in 2015 and the opportunity to see their high energy shows should not be missed.

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