6 October 2014

The Jackobins EP Review | Ghosts

The Jackobins EP Review Ghosts

The Jackobins EP Review | Ghosts

The Jackobins are Dominic, Chris, Veso, John and Marc.

The Liverpool based Indie/Alternative band are set to release their debut EP titled 'Ghosts' which will be backed up by a UK Tour with dates yet TBC and we were privileged enough to get a listen.

After seeing this band twice now I never fail to be impressed by their music, lyrics and lead singer, Dominic's, range in his vocals and the E.P. does nothing to take away from this.

Ghosts is a four-track record kicked off by a track that you may have heard as a demo over on the bands Soundcloud page.

First track 'The Otherside' is a track that shows off both the vocals and the bands accomplished instrument playing to full effect. The track slowly builds into a crescendo and when you hear Dominic holding that note for what seems like five minutes believe me, that isn't studio magic, that's him holding that note! The Otherside is upbeat and at times reminiscent of U2's Streets have no name but it doesn't disappoint. 

And once again, (and i know I must sound like a stuck record) on 'She Always Says' the vocals are amazing. Another slow burner of a track which throws you deep into the abyss at the end with definitely no way of crawling out, not that you would want to. Sharp drumming and guitar make this a gorgeous song and 

The third is the title track ,'Ghosts', a much more gentle and chilled song but still pretty explosive in the chorus. Compared to the other tracks its not as in your face but none the less excellent. Powerful vocals (I cant help it!!)  and stylish riffs and a delicate bassline keeps the song structured throughout. 

Ending the EP is the bands first ever track "Prussia". This for me is the most catchy of all the songs on the EP and never fails to get me rocking out and playing air guitar along with the song. It has almost, as far as I'm concerned, faultless as a single and as song. Oozing with attitude and vibrancy.

As mentioned at the start these songs are amazing to see live. The energy of this band live is second to none and I would suggest seeing them whenever you get the chance to experience these tracks first hand. Or alternatively, just go out and buy it!!

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