28 October 2014

The Pfeiffer Twins debut album, Nobody's Puppet

The Pfeiffer Twins debut album Nobody's Puppet

The Pfeiffer Twins debut album, Nobody's Puppet

Carrie and Lindsay Pfeiffer might be identical wins but there is definitely no sound “identical” to theirs. These rural New Jersey Natives have a “take no prisoners” attitude with an unmistakable style. From their female empowerment title track of their debut album Nobody’s Puppet, to the heartfelt resonance of The Funeral and the powerfully uplifting anthem Unstoppable, The Pfeiffer Twins express an eclectic mixture of rock, folk and rootsy country. The duo draws influence from Patsy Cline, Paula Cole, Fleetwood Mac and Sheryl Crow to create seamless harmonies and a unique sound of their own.

The Pfeiffer Twins’ album is currently available on iTunes as well as online platforms. 

The Pfeiffer Twins wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on “Nobody’s Puppet,” which was produced by Anthony  Krizan (Lenny Kravitz), the project reflects the vast musical diversity they have been honing since age 4. Their childhood was peppered with a constant rotation of Patsy Cline and Madonna records which influenced their driving sound. Carrie began studying the classical violin while Lindsay mastered the percussions. Both learned the skill of acoustic guitar, which aided in their songwriting craft.

The duo draws inspiration from their own lives for their song lyrics; they sing about love, loss, personal struggles, women’s issues and personal triumph. They express just that in their edgy title track and crowd favorite, “[We] ain’t nobody’s puppet, nobody’s fool. [We] will do what [we] want, won’t take no back-talk from you!

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