10 November 2014

Debut single Cleverly from future RnB star Dasha Logan

Debut single Cleverly Dasha Logan

Debut single Cleverly from future RnB star Dasha Logan

The first offering from Dasha Logan on AreaBoy Music is a 'from the heart' commentary, ‘Cleverly’ was written and produced at the second meeting with AreaBoy's producer Osiki Ojo and blessed with a response from UK underground soul legend Paul Johnson. 

An SOS call from a friend in Malaysia to the guys behind recently formed AreaBoy Music, who set up their label tooled to the 9s with friends in high places and experience of signing megastars back in the Sony heyday like Terence Trent D’Arby and Jamiroquai through to Afrobeat compilations with Gilles Peterson, to 'look after' an artist – a young singer/song writer, wanting to do some gigs in the UK. Obliged, but ready and armed with the Flava Flav line "Can't do nuttin' for ya 'man'"(creative license) the dreaded meeting happened. However, disarmed and charmed they signed Dasha Logan straight away. 

In such a short life, Dasha Logan has already lived and has a soul story to tell, having the required, great voice, personality and beauty she fits perfectly with the label’s motive to be at the heart of city life, finding, promoting and protecting the spirit and integrity of the true 'voices' in the community.

Simply known as Dasha, Dasha Logan is a 26 year old singer who has been singing professionally for the past 9 years, she started a love affair at the tender age of four when she fell in love with performing after touring with her father. Dasha is the daughter of legendary Loganathan from the Alleycats. Exposed to a musician’s life from a very early age, she quickly became intrinsically impassioned and went about paying her dues while crafting her own development. Dasha had her first professional singing gig at the age of 17 which kicked off her non-stop live stage performances. Being a big fan of jazz, funk, soul and R'n'B, she embodies the best of all of the above, while coming from her own unique place in the world, performing regularly in the hot spots around Penang Island, Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi in her native Malaysia and now her new home in London.

With a debut album due summer 2015 it looks like Dasha gon’ catch ya!

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