7 November 2014

Mark Mathews Releases single Someone on the 10th December

Mark Mathews single Someone

Mark Mathews Releases single Someone on the 10th December

After two successful Indie-Pop single releases this year, (The Girl and London Lives), Someone is the brooding, acoustic final act, that completes the trilogy of songs Mark Mathews wanted to unleash in 2014.  

"I wanted to release three tunes that covered the classic themes of Pop music: A party tune (London Lives) a love song (The Girl) and an indie ballad, like something The Verve would have come out with. Someone, is that final song to complete the journey"

The song deals with trying to break free from an old life and make something of yourself so as to be, Someone. This theme might be the reason the artwork for the single is of Mark's Northern Irish family, who battled poverty, violence and death before making it to the streets of London, to start a new and better life. 

"My Old Man gave me the picture. He's not actually in it, but my uncles and aunts are. It fits in with the spirit of Someone, because they all were striving to break out of this really tough existence that they were living in, back in Belfast. I love the shot because they're just having their regular 'knock off drinks' and then someone has decided to take a picture and they've captured this moment of optimism and potential from this tough, working class gang. It's really cool"

It's been a busy year for Mark, playing constantly across the UK, both as a solo act and with his band 'The One Ts'. The headlining shows at the O2 Academy Islington and Camden Barfly stand out as high points from 2014, with stage invasions, sing-a-longs and eager crowds aplenty. Someone marks the end of this amazing year, before he moves on to a hectic 2015.

The final single will be included on Mark's forthcoming EP, which is released on 16th February 2015, titled - Misspent Future

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