19 November 2014

Stargroves and Abigail Breslin release Within Me a Lunatic Sings

Stargroves and Abigail Breslin Within Me a Lunatic Sings

 Stargroves and Abigail Breslin release Within Me a Lunatic Sings

Academy Award nominee and singer Abigail Breslin joined Stargroves new album adding her voice to "Within Me a Lunatic Sings"

"Within Me a Lunatic Sings" plays like a Pinterest board of '00s indie rock greatest hits: Stars, Sigur Ros, and Freelance Whales are shot through the group's sound, revealing themselves as the track transitions from jittery boy-girl keyboard pop into a dramatic piano and string section. The new band s the project of 21-year-old Teddy Watson, who spent a few months in Sigur Ros native Iceland earlier this year for inspiration before bringing the band together. 

He didn t stop there, tapping Freelance Whales producer Jeremy Sklarsky to work on Stargroves debut album. Nothing crazy about doing your homework though giving away a track like Within Me a Lunatic Sings for free might be a l il nuts, but we ll take it considering tis the season. Grab it before the band blows up and starts charging Taylor Swift iTunes money.

Listen or download HERE

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