8 April 2015

Tamer Abu Ghazaleh at The Kazimier - Liverpool Arab Arts Fest

Tamer Abu Ghazaleh The Kazimier - Liverpool Arab Arts Fest

Tamer Abu Ghazaleh at The Kazimier - Liverpool Arab Arts Fest

17 April, Kazimier, Liverpool
Doors 7.30pm
Tickets - £8

Palestinian pioneer of Arab music, Tamer Abu Ghazaleh plays the Kazimier on 17 April in advance of this year’s Liverpool Arab Arts Festival.

The Egyptian-born multi- instrumentalist’s music combines political satire with storytelling.  A restless and inventive performer, Abu Ghazaleh is a leading figure in modern Arabic culture.

Abu Ghazaleh’s debut album Mir’ah (Mirror) was released in 2008. Recorded with a group of Palestinian and Egyptian performers, the record’s seven entrancing and sometimes frenzied songs were written during a turbulent period of demonstrations, bombardment and invasion of Palestinian cities. Composed during curfews, the album expresses everyday human emotions – love, hate, comfort, boredom, excitement –informed by the unreal experience of living in Palestine during that period.

This year’s Liverpool Arab Arts Festival (6-14 June) showcases the richness of Arab culture through a packed programme of visual art, music, dance, film, theatre, literature and special events. Organisers have revealed that, for the first time, this summer’s festival explores an overarching theme ‘Shaping Change: A work in progress’. The theme brings a welcome focus to how Arab communities worldwide are responding to contemporary changes from within.

LAAF chairman Taher Qassim said: “Liverpool Arab Arts Festival remains the premier UK annual celebration of Arab culture. It attracts audiences from across the UK and beyond, whilst remaining firmly rooted in the local communities from which the festival was born, 14 years ago. The programme mixes international artists, home-grown talent, established names and emerging acts.

As always, this year’s programme showcases the most joyful and celebratory aspects of Arab culture, without shying away from challenging subject matter. Audiences will see a strong focus on inclusion, as the programme gives a platform to voices from all walks of life.

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