19 May 2015

Folk rockers Time For T release brand new video, Tom Tom

Folk rockers Time For T new video, Tom Tom

Folk rockers Time For T release brand new video, Tom Tom

Brighton-based Folk rockers Time For T may well be en-route to your country by the time you read this. Embarking on a European tour this summer spanning five countries and a whopping 4 months of pure grind, 2015 is most definitely the year for this innovative outfit. A mature folk/electro sound fused with a distinctive Brighton brogue can be deceptive, these guys can still throw down a Blind Faith-esque (as in Clapton’s super group, no drum n bass to be found here) breakdown with the best of them. Hard working bands produce hard-core groups of fans, and without a doubt this tour will set the tone for the future of this five-piece’s career. 

The band’s latest offering ‘Tom Tom’ is as refreshing as it is innovative. To include as blatant a reference to culture as this is bold for any band, but pulling it off, as well as a rocky breakdown and great lyricism within the confines of a 4 minute single is something to be truly respected. Variation is clearly the catch of the day here, with the song climbing and swelling in directions that even the most seasoned ears don’t quite expect; from serene bass and acoustic work, to a couple of heady breakdowns, and back again. From this track alone, the band has made a statement: catch them, before they become a staple.

Tour dates:
18 May / Le Pop In  / Paris
20 May / Plano B / Porto
21 May / Musicbox / Lisbon
22 May / Transforma / Torres Vedras
23 May / Muwart Festival / Ronda
12 June / Sé La Vie / Braga
13 June / Ca Fora Festival / Evora
17 July / Larmer Tree Festival / Salisbury
02 August / Kendal Calling Festival / Cumbria
07 August / Forgotten Fields Festival / Tunbridge Wells
15 August / Boomtown Festival / Winchester
21 August / Centro Cultural / Lagos
22 August / Festins Festival / Alcains
28 August / Shambala Festival / Northamptonshire

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