16 January 2014

Sally Seltmann releases the album Hey Daydreamer

Sally Seltmann releases the album Hey Daydreamer

A magnetic rainbow shines today as we reveal Sally Seltmann's album title, cover art and track listing for her enchanting and refreshing new album, which will be released on the 10th March on British indie label Lojinx.

"Hey Daydreamer" is Sally's fourth full-length album and the follow up to 2010's "Heart That's Pounding". Sally and her husband Darren Seltmann (The Avalanches) recorded and produced the album together, upstairs in their home, in a charming little attic studio space.

Sally Seltmann - Hey Daydreamer

Together Sally and Darren created a wild orchestral palette. Sally recorded piano parts on her lounge room piano and contributed synth, organ, guitar, bass and percussion to the recordings. The album also features a huge cast of guest players including Bree van Reyk on percussion, Michel Rose on pedal steel and many other talented artists.  Darren began mixing the 11-track set in a Los Angeles bungalow, before settling back into the attic studio in Sydney where he created the final mixes.

"Needle In The Hay" is available now for FREE download here:

Sally Seltmann's previous albums include "Heart That's Pounding", and two critically acclaimed albums as New Buffalo ("The Last Beautiful Day", and 'Somewhere, Anywhere"). Sally is also a member of Seeker Lover Keeper and is probably most well-known for having co-written Feist's hit "1234". Sally's songs have been covered by several artists, including Bon Iver.

"Hey Daydreamer" will be released on Lojinx in Europe, Arts  and Crafts in North America, Rallye in Japan and Caroline/Universal in Australia. 

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