21 April 2014

Little Dove - Debut Album review

Little Dove - Debut Album review

Little Dove are an independent, and at the moment, unsigned band from Los Angeles. Their Self titled Debut Album is out now and we managed to get a copy for review.

Initially, you automatically think of the White Stripes in as much as the set up is the same except in reverse (male/female drummer/guitarist) and the sound is not dis-similar but what sets them aside is the more raw, trashy sound of the record and lead singer, Vanja James' almost screeching vocals through the tracks. 

Obviously as an independent record there is no "studio polishing" and this brings an added freshness to the sound.

The opening song "Eyes" brings you straight into what to expect from the rest of the record with powerful vocals and catchy beat lines to want you to carry on listening.  

"Sink Ships" although takes you down a different route and has a blues - New Orleans sound to it with the backing vocals reminiscent of a church choir repeating the words in almost praising fashion to the gods of rock.

Over-all an impressive debut and with a proper recording contract and money pushed their way, god only knows what they could produce if this is anything to go by. 

Little Dove are planning to do some heavy touring of the UK and Europe along with lots of festivals in 2014 and 2015 so if you get the chance go and see them and check them out!




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