6 August 2010

Stereo MC's @ Kendal Calling

The look maybe different for lead singer, Rob B, especially with a guitar in hand, but the recognisable voice and dance moves symbolise a very welcome return to the festival circuit for the Stereo MC's. Showcasing an array of tracks from past, present and future including old favourites, “Shine A Light” and “Ground Level”, I can say with all honesty, I didn't realise how much I'd missed them till hearing so many blasts from the past.

Rob B and his backing singers didn't stop moving throughout the whole set apart from during “Step It Up”, when he paused to “Breathe in some country air”. The crowd joined in with so much enthusiasm, especially when Rob B “Lets get down and dirty with the Stereo MC's. Lets hit that base line”, and the first few beats of “Connected” kicked in the, the crowds response was immense and bounced along in happy nostalgia from that point onwards.

I have to admit that one of the reason's I was so excited about Kendal Calling was so I could see these guys live at last and my expectations were certainly met and I can happily say if this set was anything to go by, then the Stereo MC's are back with a vengeance at last.

Words: Alison Goggin

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