4 April 2011

Erland and the Carnival Review - Williamson Tunnels

The superb Williamson Tunnels in Liverpool were the setting for Harvest Sun Promotions' most recent venture.

Harvest Sun have been putting on some cracking gigs and this was no exception. 

Supported by Hannah Peel and The Big House, The carnival had well and truly arrived.
The Big House, consisting of Candie Payne and Paul Molloy, started the night with a chilled out set. Its the first time I've heard Candie singing and I wasn't disappointed Her voice echoing melodically throughout the tunnel walls and accompanied by Paul's gentle guitar certainly had me wanting to see more of these two

A long break between The Big House and Hannah Peel's set meant the crowd could truly refresh themselves before Hannah took to the stage with her unique rendition of New Order's "Blue Monday".
Once again, following the theme of The Big House, another chilled out set and as usual she didn't fail to impress.You can see why she is a big draw on her own and supporting Erland on their tour will only increase the bizz surounding this lady.

Then finally the main act took to the stage. If you have ever watched Erland and the Carnival on You Tube or listened to them via their website, it will never compare to seeing them live. The contrast is exceptional. The crowd was witness not to the dark poppy, folk sound as advertised but an intense, electrifying performance of what can only be described as indie with thought.
Performing songs from their 2nd album "Nightingale lead singer, Gawain, drawing the crowd in from the word go with his deep, solemn voice and focused performance and the remarkable acoustics of the Williamson tunnels only complemening Gawains vocals. The words at times in complete juxtaposition to the music and supported by one of the most hard working drummers (David Nock) I've seen in a while and other band members Simon Tong,Andy Bruce and Danny Wheeler, this was truly a band you at times stood in awe of as they drew you into their world and kept you there until each final note was strung.

Overall a brilliant display of the truly remarkable talent of a band that can only be set for bigger and better things and another exceptional night from Harvest Sun


  1. incredible show, I was there crushed against a sweaty guy but loved it. will post my pictures soon

  2. Excellent review.

    I've posted my recording of the gig over at my blog here: