9 April 2011

Heather Peace @ The Masque 08/04/11 Review

Heather Peace last night provided a laid back mellow set for an intimate crowd at Liverpool's The Masque.
Joined on stage by Jill Jackson and Lisa Tring, she played original songs and a couple of covers and they were all received with rapturous applause by the dedicated but rather obsessively fanatic crowd.

Heather admitted on stage that she wasn't meant to be performing due to vocal damage, but didn't want to let anyone down. If her voice wasn't on top form that night, I can only imagine how amazing it must be when she is at 100% as this woman has a voice that can go from hauntingly beautiful to vocals so powerful, she wouldn't go amiss singing at a rock concert and I can see why she has been compared to Eva Cassidy on occaisions.

Once the set had finished Heather came back on stage for a finale, with Jill Jackson accompanying on an accoustic guitar they sang a beautiful ballad that captivated the audience so much that you felt like they were holding there breath so as not to miss a single note. The finale ended with a more upbeat number with Lisa Tring rejoing them on stage once again on percussion.

If you want to listen to a genuinely talented singer/songwriter then I suggest you try to catch Heather Peace at one of her upcoming gigs in 2011.

Review by Alison Goggin

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