11 May 2011

Big Deal @ NME Radar tour - O2 Academy Liverpool

Emerge NME Radar Tour brought Big Deal to the O2 Academy as the opening act for their night on Tuesday.

Now, Big Deal are a London based twosome, who are still relatively new to the music scene. They consist of Alice Costello and KC Underwood, who both play guitar, acoustic and electric, and provide harmonious vocals.

As they only formed last Spring, it's understandable that their musical catalogue is still very small, but they managed to provide a 35 minute set of understated, simple songs like "Homework", their first single ever written, "Locked Up" and "Talk".

To be honest the first few tracks were mellow, pleasant little numbers that capture you as their entwined vocals drift across the room, but after a while, I found myself getting a little bit bored as they still lack that certain stage presence needed to capture a crowd and Costello needed to stop staring at a specific point on the floor and possibly interaction would help. Although KC Underwoods joke at wanting to stage dive but not daring to as there was not enough people to catch him, went someway towards lightening the mood .But even then it would help if they look like they actually want to be on the stage performing as well, but I'm hoping this is just down to nerves and as I said before they are still relatively new to this.

Once they get established and attract a larger fan base, I hope that everything will fall into place and they will go onto have a healthy career. They just need to provide a bit more charisma on stage.

Review by Alison Goggin

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