8 September 2011

Sarabeth Tucek @ St Brides Church Review

The Random Family brought another laid back folk fuelled night at St Brides Church in Liverpool on Saturday, with them performing a set full of toe tapping moments, on stage giggles over Scouse/London pronunciations and voices so mellow, they melted across the atmospheric, candle lit church creating a fabulous atmosphere and a perfect warm up set for American singer/songwriter, Sarabeth Tucek, the headliner for tonight's mini folk fest.

Sarabeth Tucek took to the stage with with fellow guitarist and producer of her album, Luther Russell and began her acoustic set. The opening vocals were high and to be honest, fairly annoying but soon edged towards a deeper, silky tone but she still managed to stretch each lyric out as far as possible and put as many pauses in between them as often as possible, resulting in each song feeling like it was going on for an eternity. And this style carried on for most of the set. The fact that there was no character or crowd interaction, apart from plugging her latest album, certainly didn't help at all. If it hadn't have been for the extremely talented Luther Russell's' performance on the electric acoustic guitar and his little quips every now and then, I'm afraid I may have fell asleep by track seven or eight instead of just stifling several yawns.

Aside from that, I did have a good time listening to The Random Family, a truly talented Liverpool folk group and I'm looking forward to hearing a bit more them very soon, especially if they hand out those chocolate rice krispie cakes again!!

More photos can be seen here 

Review by Alison Goggin

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