24 October 2011

WU LYF @ The Kazimier Liverpool

WU LYF or World United: Lucifer Youth Foundation to give them their full title, take to the stage at the packed out Kazimier on Saturday night, from the opening chords their fans began to move as one to the slow build up of heavy pop beats that began to echo across the room. With lead singer, Ellery Roberts, enigmatic style, exaggerated staring at the ceiling and deep rasping vocals, that are extremely reminiscent of Caleb Followill, the many dedicated fans at the front seemed to be entranced by him, their eyes not moving from him and began emulating his every move as if they were part of him.

The gig itself was a heady rock set that took you through a veritable roller coaster of beats, rhythms and bass, with a piano thrown in for good measure. With songs like "Dirt", "Spitting Blood" and "Lucifer Calling" from their debut album, Go Tell Fire To The Mountain, they definitely know how to get a crowd worked up , especially with Lucifer Calling which ended up with the forefront fans being body wave onto the stage due to the frenzy they got themselves into.

For me though the set didn't really flow, with the odd member walking off stage to replenish beers, or dispose of a t shirt etc and at one point being unsure whether the gig had actually finished or not, it hadn't but I'm still not sure whether that was an encore or not!!

Finishing on a brilliant cover of Chris Issak's "Wicked Game"" and a song entitled "You'll never walk alone" (not the Liverpool anthem though much to the disappointment of half the crowd and to the joy of the other half) they sauntered off to cries for more.

You can't deny that these guys have talent, but it would be nice to actually understand what the lead singer was singing about as I couldn't make out any of the lyrics at all. They can be likened to the Kings of Leon in musical style, which is no bad thing at all, just in case you're wondering whether to check these guys out, which i advise you do, but i have to admit I found myself watching the dedicated almost to the point of obsessive fans which had a bigger presence than the band itself.

Review by Alison Goggin 
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