7 November 2011

Terrorvision Review @ Erics Liverpool

Terrorvision review Erics Liverpool 2011

The review of Terrorvisons gig in the famous erics venue in Liverpool 2010
Some people may have slated the return of Eric's to Mathew Street as this time around they believe it will only have cover bands, lack lustre performances and yesteryear bands no one has any interest in, but tonight they can eat their opinions as a rock band whose reputation speaks for itself, Terrorvision, came to Liverpool and they rocked Eric's to it's very core. 
With a packed out Eric's, including the obligatory generation who have to tie their coats around their waists, there was anticipation in the air and as the lights dimmed and music from Rocky filled the air and as far as I'm concerned any band who have the sense of humour to play this deserve the full respect of the crowd, ironically or not.

Terrorvision provided a full on rock set, which reached the speed of 100 mph and used full throttle to keep it there for the 90 minutes, only slowing down to change gear with "Bad Actress", which gave the crowd and themselves a well earned breather. I can say with all honesty, I have never seen such energy, enthusiasm and sheer love for what they do and it paid off with everyone joining in with them and giving it their all. With fantastic crowd interaction, from cooling the crowd down by squirting water from their bottles at them, putting the mic's into the crowd so they could join in chorus's and little quips from lead singer, Tony Wright, who cheekily introduced themselves as "Terrorvision, from Bradford!!"

By the end of the set, I had forgotten just many hit songs Terrorvision had had and I am so glad I have been reminded, ranging from "Tequila", "Perseverance", "Middle Man", "Oblivion", "In My House", which almost saw the roof getting raised off, and "Celebrity Hit List" to name but a few. By the end of the set, the crowd were not willing to let the band go. After they left the stage chants for "Alice.....Whats the Matter" began to reverberate around the room and sure enough, Terrorvision gave the crowd what they wanted, followed by "Pretend". As they left the stage for the final time, "The Wonder Of You" played in the background and I can't help thinking of a more apt song for such an amazing, energetic and thoroughly fantastic band.

If Eric's can secure more high calibre, outstanding bands like this as well as talented upcoming bands, like Terrorvision's support, "The Breakdowns", a crowd pleaser in their own right, then Eric's will be make it's mark on the the new generation of music lovers as well as it's predecessors and I for one can't wait to see what they have to offer next.

Review by Alison Goggin
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  1. I was at this gig!

    Terrorvision on tour again this year! I'd liek a repeat of this show with the Breakdowns again who were fab.