17 January 2012

Exclusive interview with 21 Perspective

Exclusive interview with Hip Hop Artist 21 Perspective

21 Perspective is a London based artist with a lot of passion. He started his career as an artist manager but now 21 Perspective takes his experience and stories and applies them to his own craft. We get to speak to the man himself and asked him a few questions on his music, his career and the role religion plays in his music

You have a degree in Philosophy and in medicine; does this play a part in your lyrics and song writing?
Yeah definitely. It just gave me a bit of introspection into myself and the world around. I only ever write about things I’ve seen or done so the Philosophy kinda just helped me add to the critical analysis of what I do

 How would you describe your music to the people out there?
It’s real. It’s just me but on a microphone. I’m the same kinda person but just broken down. So when I record as the Suicide Kid or the Romantic I’m just tapping into different parts of myself using different tones, contents, lyrics and so forth. End of the day I’m just being me. I mean I’m not the coolest guy. I don’t get a lot of girls! I mean I just want to express myself and this gives me the avenue to do that.
In terms of genre my latest stuff really isn’t restricted. I’ve done acoustic stuff, hip hop, RnB and my latest stuff I’m about to put out is sorta urban soul, I guess.

The name 21 perspective. Is there meaning behind it?
Yeah I started music at the age of 21. It’s also the year I just figured out how I feel about a lot of things so it made sense for me put the two together. Plus I think it’s a bit different and will make people remember it

 You are also a film maker do you feature your own music in your movies or do you like to steer clear of that?
Yeah I’m in two minds about this constantly. I pretty much hate everything I do and am super self critical so ask me on the day of the shoot! Haha got a video shoot later this week . I try and play it to the content of what we’re shooting if I’m completely honest

The debut mixtape “straightAstudent” is being developed, can you give us some insight into how this will sound and feel?
Old school jazz hip-hop. I’m a MASSIVE Tribe Called Quest, Mos Def, Rakim fan – all those classics so it’s got that intelligent, chilled feel to it.

Are you always looking to venture into different avenues as you have achieved a lot so far?
I haven’t achieved anything! But yes. I just dropped a poetry video I would like to focus  a little more on my blog – it’s just to vent my academia to be honest. Sometimes it’s hard to do that and be melodic and musical!

Does your religion play a major part in your thought process or is this something you like to keep away from when writing/singing?
Definitely. Everything I’m saying is linked to religion if I’m honest. Pretty much everything.  I’m rarely overt with it but it’s constantly in the back of my mind ensuring I keep a check on everything I say and do.

What can we expect next from you?
Hopefully soon I can drop my film, mixtape and another poetry video if things fall into the right place

Any tours coming up? If so where and when can people check you out?

My manager’s got me a few shows up north soon I think. But come and check me out at:

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