1 February 2012

Man Get Out Single Launch review @ Mojo Liverpool

 Man Get Out Single Launch review @ Mojo Liverpool

Saturday night saw the final live music event at Mojo in Liverpool and what a way to go out. With a night mixed with a mix of rock and indie pop music, dancing girls and the very first single launch for Man Get Out plus it was all hosted by Liverpool's very own Janice Long.

Janice introduced Man Get Out as a band she has heralded since the first time she saw them perform a few years ago and has been an avid fan ever since and has had them in on her session shows before now.

Man Get Out look like a clean cut set of lads and their music is definitely reminiscent of this look. They perform well, with intricate snippets on the keyboard and guitars, giving some songs an 80's retro feel and then sway into a bit of funk in other songs and a bit of indie pop thrown in as well, but I have to admit, every song had a definite familiarity about it and wasn't anything spectacular. Don't get me wrong these guys have talent musically, but they fall into the niche that very well end up being played at middle class middle aged parties who think they are "down with the kids".

The launch single. "Berlin" is good in context, a happy little number that will get you bouncing along with a smile on your face but again it sounds far too familiar sound like, I hate to even mention these, Coldplay!! The chorus is very reminiscent of The Killers vocally and instrumentally too.

But the crowd seemed to love it and the other singles, Manx Cat and Geronimo, and the dancers who performed as well seemed to keep the bartenders happy for a while as well, although I'm not too sure of the point of them at all, but hey ho, each to their own.

All in all though, judging by the response of the crowd Man Get Out will be going places, especially if Janice Long has anything to do with it.

I have to give a special mention to support band, "Guardians", who may only be young but have a maturity in both their music and lyrics all helped along by the powerful vocals of lead singer, Brad Doné, and they most definitely know how to rock a place to it's very core. With songs like, "Make It Out Alive", "Red Eye" and "The Nights", this is one band that I'm hoping we will be seeing and hearing a lot more from.

Review by: Alison Goggin @hippychicklet76

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