22 April 2012

MusicMafia presents..Heidi Anne

Heidi Anne

MusicMafia presents..Heidi Anne

Heidi Anne is a singer/songwriter/dancer and performer. She began singing at the age of 12 and  having always had a huge passion for music, Heidi has sung from opera to swing. Singing with originality, Heidi Anne's powerful, soulful voice and big range has never the less been compared to that of Christina Aguilera.
Being a strong believer of ‘following your heart’ and having always wanted to pursue a serious, successful singing career, this was definitely the path to venture down after finishing her education. She has worked with some of Manchester’s best song-writers and producers, as well as big industry names such as ‘Ultrabeat’ and ‘The Bassheads’. 

Heidi Anne is currently working on recordings after recently signing an exclusive record deal, anticipating a positive future, and her single to be released by All Around The World records in the UK features T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and Glasses Malone plus a number of DJ remixes. 2012 is going to be her year.

Manchester singer, Heidi Anne's first single featuring T-Pain, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross is released today (20th April) on Sony in Germany. Heidi Anne was literally discovered from MySpace, when her talent was spotted by an LA producer. She was soon in the studio recording the vocals for her song featuring the A-list rappers and recently was on tour in UK with Rick Ross

The single is out with various re-mixes including top Belgium DJ Di Maro and and German  producer Michaei Mind. UK release is via All Around The World/Universal. 

Heidi's videos
Back stage at Rick Ross Tour:
Electronic Press Kit

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