28 May 2012

Decades Weekend festival 2012 - Friday review

Decades Weekend festival 2012

Decades Weekend festival 2012 - Friday review

The first ever Decades Weekend is finally here hear our some of the best bits from day one in a very sunny Workington

Manhattan Skyline @ Chasers

Lively cover song duo with added bongo playing against the backing track doing firm favourites from the golden oldie years including, "Hold Back the Night", "Do You Like Good Music" and a Madness medley to boot including "Baggy Trousers", "Welcome to the House of Fun" and "My Girls Mad at Me".
This medley saw one zealous Madness fan bouncing around the dance floor giving it his best Madness moves. Then it was the bands turn to take to the dance floor, but no dance moves just to serenade a lady in the audience. All in all a good start to our decades fest weekend especially with a little bit of  "Is This the Way to Amerillo" to get everyone up and dancing.

Razzamatazz @ Chasers 

Male and female duo cover band who kicked off their set with, "Love Train" followed by a bit of Deacon Blues "Real Gone Kid", which saw male lead playing the guitar instead of just relying on a backing track. Lively set just a shame Chasers wasn't busy, so more people could have bopped along to some 80's classics. It didn't seem to bother them to much as they looked like they were enjoying themselves anyway. Great personalities that shone through, especially when it came to "Footloose" including the dance moves from female lead and  some damn fine vocals from male lead.  

David Van Day and Sue Moxely aka Rich and Famous @ Club Ice 

Came onto "Give Me Some Loving" then a medley including B52's "Love Shack", Bon Jovi  ,"Living on a Prayer" and Belinda Carlisle's " Heaven is a Place on Earth" and an impromptu Louis Spence impression by David Van Day when it came to "Rolling on The River" by Tina Turner 
Even though there wasn't a huge turnout, it didn't stop David thanking them by saying "It may be a small crowd but you all have big hearts."
At times it did feel a bit like a cabaret act, but it's all done for the entertainment of the crowd, who they love to entertain and always put first in their performances. The duo went onto showcase some of the greatest crowd pleases from the 70's & 80's including "I Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet" and "More Than a Woman" which got a few couples up dancing and twirling around the dance floor.   
Each song saw them both putting their all into it, and you can see their love of entertaining just shining through.  
With a mix of motown, disco, soul, we saw Sue Moxley perform her favourite part of the act, her solo spot where she can unleash the true girlie power from within and also let, to quote Sue, " Lets David have a break to get ready for his Adam Ant impression". Sue's solo medley including " Gimme Gimme Gimme", "Fame" and "It's Raining Men." and saw all the ladies in the club hitting that dance floor with a vengeance, handbags were optional.
When David came back on for his solo spot, it was straight into his 80's medley including the as promised , Adam Ant's "Stand and Deliver",  Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Relax" and "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics. 
Final part of the set saw Sue getting down on to the dance floor to start a congaesque line to, "(Is This The Way to) Amarillo" whcih saw the crowd dancing their way on to the stage to sing the remainder of the song with them, then came "Delilah" with Sue channeling the inner Delilah, complete with a pretty damn good sinister laugh. 
The final part of the set consisted of ultimate Bucks Fizz song, "Making Your Mind Up" and of course, Dollar songs, including "Mirror Mirror" and the ultimate brain itch song "Oh L'Amoure".

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