29 May 2012

Decades Weekend Festival review - Saturday

Decades Weekend Festival review

Decades Weekend Festival review - Saturday

Cindy Hoten at The Well 

On entering The Well in Workington, Cindy Hoten was taking centre stage dressed in a blue and white dotty 50's style dress and hair style to boot. 50's style that is not blue and white dotty. With her Rockabilly/1950's style vocals to match her look she definitely brought a bit of nostalgic fun to a very hot Saturday afternoon. She covered tracks by Imelda May, Dusty Springfield and many more. Some of the highlights of her set were "Inside Out" and one of my all time favourites "Son of a Preacher Man 
She posed for pics with staff and security during set and even took to the street outside to sing to the people passing by. Cindy is a performer who is vivacious and has oodles  of personality through the whole set. It was the ideal way to spend an hour chilling out on Saturday afternoon.

Kaiser Thiefs at Vine Bar 

For a tribute band, there wasn't much similarity looks wise or sound either if I'm totally honest, although lead singer has got a many of Ricky's on stage mannerisms down to a tee. It was just a shame there was no rigging to scale!!They did put their own twist on a few songs, including , "Oh My God" with a hint of reggae towards the end and requesting audience participation it seemed to be a sing a long to Kaiser Chief songs which didn't come to fruition either unfortunately but maybe that was down to the age range inside and they hadn't heard of the original Kaiser Chiefs 
Although, "Ruby" seemed to have a better reception and drew a lot more people back into the Vine Bar, They followed this with, "I Predict a Riot" and soon everyone was bouncing along with them.

No Idea at Club Ice  

Workington band No Idea take versions of songs, mash them together, twist them on their heads, spin them around a few times, add a slice of punk rock and come up with one hell of a potent cocktail of rock goodness. With lead singer, Sharon's  powerful vocals blasting out the pimped out songs which included, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"  slashed with "I Believe I Can Fly" to an accompanying full on rock ensemble of very talented guitarists including Brainz on bass and Rob "Awesome" Logan pounding out the beats on drums, these mixes are a refreshing change to the usual cover bands out there who stay to the tried and tested method of one song at a time, which now seems a tad boring compared to this lot. 
I mean, who else has ever thought to put Billy Idol and Hannah Montana together and calling it Billy Montana, yes you heard it right. Never thought I'd ever hear "White Wedding" and "Best of Both Worlds" played at the same time. 
I'm not sure if it shows signs of either pure lunacy or genius or maybe a mix of both to keep in with No Ideas novel approach to popular pop and classic rock songs. 
If you ever see No Idea billed on your musical travels, I can only say go to see them as you definitely not be disappointed. Just stand well away from the edge of the stage at the end unless you want to see Brainz hurtling over your head as he dives from the stage in true rock style . That boy is going to need knee pads very soon!!! 

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