29 May 2012

Toyah review - Decades Weekend festival 2012

Toyah Wilcox - Decades Weekend festival 2012

Toyah review - Decades Weekend festival 2012

Saturday night in Workington saw 80's punk princess Toyah perform her first ever gig here and a very packed out Club Ice were the lucky devils to welcome her as part of the first ever Decades Weekend.
Toyah took to the stage clad in a metal dress and a vibrant feathered head-dress and went straight into "Echo Beach". With Toyah's distinctive vocals reverberating around the club, the crowd lapped up every note from this 80's icon. 
With 30 years in the music business, Toyah still gives an amazing performance and it is obvious she still has the same energy and passion for singing as she did when she first started out.
Toyah asked if audience remembered that song and when the answer was "Yeah" from the whole crowd, she replied "Bollocks, you all look about 12 years old" while giggling away. She then got Brainz, from No Idea onto the stage and discovered he was only one when she first released "Echo Beach", proving that Toyah is one of the few 80's UK stars that appeals to every generation. 

Toyah went on to perform some more of her hit singles including, "It's a Mystery" and "Thunder in the Mountains" while dancing around the stage. She gave a fantastic rock performance of "Sweet Child of Mine" and "I Love Rock and Roll". She ended her set "River Deep, Mountain High" as this was the song that very first inspired her to become a musician, so thank you very much Tina Turner, because without you we may not have the legend that is Toyah.

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