25 May 2012

Decades Weekend preview: David van Day and Sue Moxley @ Club Ice

David van Day and Sue Moxley

Decades Weekend preview: David van Day and Sue Moxley @ Club Ice

On the eve of their gig at Decades Weekend, we spoke to David van Day and Sue Moxley about what we can expect from their much anticipated show.

What are you looking forward to most at Decades Weekend?
DVD: Most looking forward to the festival being successful so they can return and play again. My father was from White Haven and he had a shop in the war. But mostly for the audience to enjoy the gig.

Are you playing any other festivals this year?
SM and DVD: We have T Festival coming up in Essex next Saturday. During the summer holidays we mainly do the holiday camps so its quite refreshing for us to do something like Decades Weekend which is all about the music.We may also be doing the Dartford festival but we are waiting to hear about that. Alongside that David and is working on his autobiography "Another day Another Dollar" which is due out soon.

What is the favourite song to perform and what gets the biggest reaction?
SM: The girly medley gets the best reaction when I perform that.
DVD: Obviously the Dollar songs get a good reaction but the 80s medley tends to get a great response from the crowd also.

Do you have any new material in the pipeline?
DVD:Not really mainly due to the fact there is no market for it. We did record a song called "Rich and Famous" for Louis Spence' Show business and we have tried to make that modern and up to date by incorporating rappers such as Styler. 

What can the audience expect from tonight's show?
DVD: Lots of fun in a "party-like" atmosphere where the audience can feel that they can join in with us and enjoy the medleys. We try to cover a vast range including an 80s medley and some old school material. So something for everyone.

David van Day and Sue Moxley will be playing Club Ice tonight as part of the Decades Weekend festival
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