15 May 2012

Mr C Huxtable releases single Broadway

 Mr huxtable

Mr C Huxtable releases single Broadway

UK based recording artist Mr C Huxtable continues his independent global takeover with the release of 'Broadway' - a Nutty P produced, dancehall styled anthem ripe for international airplay this summer.

Mr C Huxtable, real name Craig Huxtable, may not be a name you have heard of before, but as part of the new breed of British, unsigned music entrepreneurs he has sold over 100,000 CDs via completely independent distribution channels. Raised in Tooting, London (next to St Benedict’s Estate), Mr Huxtable knew he was born to stand out amongst the crowd from a young age, finding solace in skateboarding, rollerblading and eventually music. Little did he know that these adolescent interests would form the backbone of his enterprise in later years - at the time they were just outputs to express himself. 

Growing up around his uncle’s sound systems and his late aunties pubs, he was heavily influenced by their love for music and their business ethics. Mr Huxtable soon began recording and performing his own music, and took inspiration from the likes of James Brown, Busta Rhymes, Michael Jackson, Sting, Donald Byrd, George Duke, SuperCat, NinjaMan, Junior Demus, Big L, Slick Rick, Ludacris and Jay Z, and watching stage shows like SunSplash and Sting in both his musical and lifestyle directions. In similarity to the Jay Z, he does not write his lyrics down, preferring to record demos into a dictaphone to be used at a later date, or freestyling them altogether in the studio. This is because Mr Huxtable is Dyslexic - a disability which he chooses to embrace rather than let hinder.

Mr Huxtable soon turned his attentions to recording his debut album alongside long time collaborator Nutty P. The project, titled 'Own 2 Feet' is due for release later this year. In the meantime, Mr Huxtable has released his promotional 'Own 2 Feet' EP, which features 7 tracks from the forthcoming album and is hosted by distinguished BBC 1xtra DJ / Universal Music consultant CJ Beatz. Known as ‘The True Definition of Unsigned Hype’, Mr Huxtable sold over 10,000 copies of the EP within 3 months of it's release, and has gone on to sell a staggering 100,000 across the UK without any label, PR or marketing support outside of his close knit, independent team.

'Broadway' is the latest single release from Mr Huxtable, and sees him deliver a flawlessly energetic vocal performance about his hometown of Tooting Broadway. Featuring bass heavy, dancehall themed production from Nutty P, the single is a heavy hitting anthem destined to induce head nodding in fans of hip hop, ragga and pop alike. The single is accompanied by a fantastic visual courtesy of director Masood Tahir (executive director Mr Craig Huxtable), featuring clips from some of Mr Huxtable's infamously animated live performances.

Mr Huxtable is currently busy lining up tours, performances & college / university visits for inspirational and motivational talks to youths, a project which is extremely close to his heart. He is also overseeing the growth of his clothing / skateboard company ‘Strictly Sk8z’, which is yet another important element in Mr C Huxtable Enterprises. 

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