20 June 2012

Blue Angel unleash their video for One More Down To Go

Blue Angel

Blue Angel unleash their video for One More Down To Go

Blue Angel are thrilled to finally unleash the official video for their latest single, the summer anthem “One More Down To Go”. Having used Sheffield based photographer Jeremy Williams’ image “Isolation” as the cover for “Beautiful Day”, Blue Angel decided to commission Williams to explore self portrait to create both the artwork and video for “One More Down To Go”. The result is a vibrant, pulsating exploration of the self as seen at… 

Blue Angel’s Jason Newton says of the collaboration, “As we had worked with Jeremy Williams before on the sleeve for 'Beautiful Day', it was a natural next step to work with him on the video for 'One More Down To Go'. This single is quite different to our previous ones and we wanted the video to embody this difference. The sense of urgency in this video is palpable and carries the song's themes of identity and self in such an immediate and engaging way.”

Williams continues, “While “Beautiful Day” was overtly introverted in every aspect, “One More Down To Go” explores the introvert/extrovert border. Rather than create my own storyline, I decided to allow Newton’s lyrics to tell the tale, instead exploring image and perception. Using the lyric “You star in your own show, just one more down to go” as my base, I allowed the idea to grow and take on a life of its own.”

More about Jeremy Williams:

Blue Angel have also set up a remix competition with the winning remix to be announced in June and released with the official single on 9 July 2012. Remixes are to be submitted by 8th June 2012 to the Blue Angel Soundcloud Dropbox :-

“A rapturously driven combination of euphoric optimism, polished largely with Bella’s ambiently ethereal vocal styling whilst Jason’s laptop lavishly surrounds with a soundcase of juicy wobbles and dance bounce. This is really quite hypnotic and mesmerizing.”

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