20 June 2012

Review of The Beijing Gang's 2nd single Tiantan

The Beijing Gang

Review of The Beijing Gang's 2nd single Tiantan

Tan Qi” is the first album from’ The Beijing Gang’ which consists of a number of high profile Chinese classical musicians and producer / composer †Chris Bemand. Chris has released many innovative electronic albums since his early days with acid jazzsters Marden Hill and filmic Chill Out group 45 Dip. He has collaborated with Ashley Beedle ( Ballistic Brothers/Xpress 2), †Rob Dougan,(Clubbed to Death) and Mark Doyle (Hed Kandi) . †As well as a large discography, Chris has written and produced countless scores for all kinds of TV shows including mainstream cartoon series, Bafta nominated Skunk Fu! and King Arthur's Disasters. He’s also known for writing choral stings for top shows including the X-Factor and Top Gear.

The single "Tiantan" is the bands second single which is a chilled back affair. Sounds emanating from it range from american indian, with a heavy influence of eastern vibes. A lovely chilled out single and something that wouldn't go amiss on one of those "Ibiza Chill out" albums. You cant help but sink down in your chair, sofa or whatever you may be sitting on and relax. The single slowly ebbs over you like the warm ripples of a pool. Definitely varied and interesting I'm hoping the whole album is done in the same style.

The first album from The Beijing Gang will be released on 23rd July this year.

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