29 October 2012

The Rialto Burns at the Zanzibar Liverpool - Review

The Rialto Burns

The Rialto Burns at the Zanzibar Liverpool - Review

The Zanzibar in Liverpool is our venue tonight for what promises to be a great night of music. Supporting  The Rialto Burns, are a great act who we first saw at the Liverpool Music Awards nominations, The Mono Lps

They are an infectious band and was good to see a set from them longer than 3 songs. The band seem to enjoy themselves always and the fact they had a giant panda dancing along with them front of stage, made it a little surreal to say the least but a great full on set from the band and look forward to giving them a review of their own. 

But tonight is set aside for The Rialto Burns. As the light dim and the glow from the set surrounded by strategically placed lamps giving it that homely feel , the guys take to the stage. There are no stage antics with this band, no set performance, no gimmicks, but their stage presence is captivating and alluring. Kicking straight into their first track and you are reminded of the obvious similarities in their music to Joy Division and New Order but thankfully with less melancholy  Lead singer Adam's vocals dark deep and brooding. Going swiftly into Cold Hands, the crowd now starting to move forward the band getting into their comfort zone a bit and by the time they get to their new single Hibernation the band seem oblivious to the ever growing mass in front of them.

The whole sound is rich and strangely draws you in. You find yourself staring hypnotically at the band as they themselves wrap themselves up within their music and obviously well thought out lyrics.

The Zanzibar is an ideal setting for this band. You need to be close up enough to almost reach out and touch. An enrapturing performance from the band and one that certainly had me leaving satisfied and warm inside.


  1. Nice review: coupla points:

    "This is the life" is called "Cold Hands" (the lyric is actually "Call it a life"..)

    You've added a tag City Walls, the song is City Halls


  2. thanks for that chris...we have changed it for you :)

  3. good luck with this one, keep up the great work!