26 March 2012

Prowl - Clinical -album review

Prowl - Clinical

Prowl - Clinical -album review

Yorkshire trio Prowl  formed this alum entirely through the technological wonders of cyberspace. Comprising of bassist and vocalist Benjamin Sherwood, guitarist Jono Sayner and self-taught drummer and female vocalist Lauren ‘Loz' Goodacre, Prowl carry themselves with the confident swagger of a band formed long before 2008. Labelling themselves as "either alt-rock or new prog, and claiming influence from Porcupine Tree, Pantera and East 17, the band have gathered much local support within North Yorkshire, releasing debut album 'Clinical' recently.

Opening track Victimless brings us into the brooding and dark lead singer's voice which supplies a stark contrast to the music with a high pitch vocal. The guitar solo reminding me of 90s grunge. 

Encounters is one of the more stand out tracks from the album with a more catchy feel about it with great drum loops and Benjamin's vocal complimenting the music very well.

Little ones Bass line is amazing. Loved the grotesque sound it makes and makes for a more uplifting track but still with the hint of morose about it.

Inertia comes in at a hefty 9mins 13secs and is quite hard going at times with a constant drone of the base throughout making the listener very uneasy.

Go ahead was probably my favourite track on the album. A glorious rock themed tune with a foot tapping beat to it. Drums,guitar and bass all coming together to combine with the vocals in an intense build up and climax.

Misplaced ends the album with a lovely slow acoustic guitar accompanying the gorgeous lyrics and vocals.

I think at a gig i may find myself shuffling a bit as the songs are all very intense. The obvious influences are there and the tracks are longer than your average ones. Overall the band are obviously talented and songs like Misplaced and Go Ahead show the true talent. I feel if they focused more on these types of songs rather than the heavily influenced others then they would have a more balanced album. Lyrically they stand out but the road can be, at times, heavy going and this could be the thing that turns most listeners off.

You can have a listen for yourself at the following links

 follow here or

The tour dates in April are:

April 1st - The Dublin Castle, Camden Town, London
April 5th - LYH, Newcastle
April 6th - Royal Park Cellars, Leeds
April 7th - Hollywood & Vine, Hull
April 9th - The Riverside, Selby
April 12th - Lomax, Liverpool
April 13th - Blue Cat Cafe, Stockport
April 14th - Vintage Rockbar, Doncaster
April 20th - Stereo, York

Clinical is the debut album from Prowl. Released on March 26th 2011 it features some tracks from the Open To Debate EP, as well as several songs from our Clinical Sessions jam weekend.

It will be available to buy from iTunes and all good download stores shortly.
  1. Victimless
  2. Encounters
  3. Pulse
  4. Plenty
  5. Little One
  6. Inertia
  7. This Room
  8. But Anyway
  9. Go Ahead
  10. A Kinda Love Song
  11. Biological
  12. This Time Around

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