16 July 2014

The Thieves release debut single Same Old Story

The Thieves debut single Same Old Story

The Thieves release debut single Same Old Story

The Thieves started off as project between lead singer Will Hughes and Lead Guitarist Jack Stevens between their love of the same soon started writing songs together and later were joined by Drummer Jake Power and Bassist Ed Pollard. 

All of the band members have been in various bands before The Thieves.

Their passion for gigging and pleasing their audience is what has inspired them to create their sound. Described by their audiences as ‘Passionate and energetic with a huge sound’ they have just released their debut single ‘Same Old Story’ with Sound-hub Records (14th They have also just released their official music video for their debut single ‘Same Old Story’ that can be found below.

As a new band, The Thieves are just starting to branch out after having played numerous exciting gigs in their hometown of Derby. Individually, all of the members have brought together a wide array of previous experience which they express in all of their performances.

With their sights set high The Thieves are determined to get as far as possible because their passion lies in writing and performing music.

You can keep up to date with all the exciting events going on with The Thieves via their social media:

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