6 March 2013

Maps and Atlases @ The Kazimier Liverpool - Review

Maps and Atlases @ The Kazimier Liverpool - Review

Maps and Atlases @ The Kazimier Liverpool - Review

The Kazimier Liverpool saw itself the setting for the latest stop on the Maps and Atlases tour and being a Tuesday night they had quite a good turn out for their set. 

Following a great performance from Tall Ships, the Chicago based group entered a very elaborate set full of glowing triangles and drum base shaped light left of the stage with lead singer Dave Davidson sporting his familiar large beard and glasses.

The set started off in quiet a reserved way with the likes of  "Pigeon" and "If this is" and Dave's nimble fingers doing wonders with the neck of his guitar and sounding very reminiscent of the King of Leon if it was fronted by Paul Simon and before they became watered down and mainstream. The mixture of blue grass, folk and indie going down well with the crowd but over all I felt that the first part of the performance was a bit disconnected and flat.

Luckily the latter part of the set put pay to that and with a rousing cover of Tears for Fears' "Everybody wants to rule the world" both the band and the audience seemed to bring it up a level and there was far more interaction and enthusiasm with bassist Shiraz Dada dancing around like a man on fire whilst playing the likes of  the wonderful foot tapping track that is "Fever" and ending on "Solid Ground". 

Maps and Atlases manage to end the set on a high note saving what was dangerously slipping into the mundane and before the audience ears started to slip away.

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