6 June 2012

Yani Simone releases the video for After Hours

Yani Simone

Yani Simone releases the video for After Hours

Chicago based pop artist Yani Simone releases the highly anticipated visual for her breakthrough hit, “After Hours,” featuring vocals from upcoming Asian rapper, Vickz.

Currently living in Chicago, Yani Simone is living out her childhood fantasies, having grown up listening to, and taking influence from, many diverse artists including the likes Beyonce, Rihanna, Pink and Nicki Minaj. Her music is upfront and honest, amalgamating a perfect touch of pop, and a sharp blend of rhythm and  blues. “My lyrics and music are a direct reflection of my life’s experiences or those of my friends or people I’ve observed," she says, "My dad always said to be a great songwriter or vocalist, you have to go through some things, and people have to feel you when you sing. Now that I’m older, having been in and out of relationships, I get what he was saying.”

'After Hours', which is produced by Chicago's IKON and engineered by Grammy Award winning engineer Mike Wilson at Atlanta’s iconic Patchwerk recording studio, is Yani's latest single, and is best described as a pop friendly, dance inspired track with polished, thumping production and effortlessly catchy vocals. The visual for the single takes the audience back to the old French Quarter in New Orleans, where unsuspecting, well-heeled guests arrive for an evening of fun and frivolity, only to find out that they’re the main course.

Yani has recently signed to the fledgling US based management company Outliers Music Group, and if the 'After Hours' single and music video are anything to go by, she is set for a big future both in the US and internationally in 2012.

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