23 August 2012

5 Ways Being A DJ Can Give You Freedom From The Corporate World


5 Ways Being A DJ Can Give You Freedom From The Corporate World

Being a deejay is an exciting opportunity to gain freedom from the corporate world. Deejays are able to travel for work, share their music and collaborate with other artists. Easily transportable equipment makes it simpler to pack up and get on the road. You may travel out of the city or out of the state, but you will always be doing what you love. Being a deejay allows you to be your own businessman on the road. 

Being a deejay artist allows for plenty of flexibility in the workforce. You will likely get the opportunity to perform at numerous events and parties. You will get to set your own schedule and work as little or as much as you want. Positive experiences with clients will boost your resume and contact lists. Satisfied customers will probably hire you frequently. This kind of flexibility is mostly unheard of in the corporate world. DJ equipment stores will help you get started with the materials you need on the road and at home. 

Freedom To Express Yourself
The life of a deejay isn't always glamorous, but you are sure to always be allowed to express yourself. The day of a gig might involve getting your equipment ready and on site, practicing before the show and simply relaxing yourself. If you work alone, then you get to meditate on the music solo before starting your job. Deejays are allowed more relaxation and self expression compared to someone that works in an office all week. Imagine being able to do whatever you want in your daily life. 

Worldwide Travel 
Becoming known in the music industry is tough, but deejays have a head start. You get to travel the world for collaborations, huge EDM parties and freelance gigs. Travel is usually paid for too. You may not get to travel to a place like Italy right away, but you will likely to get to travel out of state pretty often.  

Excitement For Your Job 
A life for a deejay is no doubt exciting. You get to meet tons of different people, experience new things and work with great music all of the time. You get to express what you are feeling, and you get to help people feel those emotions through your music. Deejays have one of the easiest and most rewarding jobs in the world. Seeing people dancing and screaming for your music will be one of the most surreal feelings you will ever experience.  

Doing What You Love  
Deejays are in high demand. You will be able to make a living doing what you love. If you can't get full-time work immediately, then you will definitely be able to get freelance jobs on the side. Doing what you love is important. If you love music, then you will find your personal happiness with being a deejay. 

Making money as a musician has been difficult in the past. Portable equipment and deejaying skills has made it easier than ever. A job as a deejay can transform you into a mobile entrepreneur for life.

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