3 August 2012

Janice Long to judge at Liverpool Music Awards

Liverpool Music Awards

Janice Long to judge at Liverpool Music Awards

One of the UK’s most accomplished and experienced broadcasters, Liverpool born Janice Long, is the latest judge to sign up at the first ever Liverpool Music Awards, which takes place this November.

"I am really excited to be one of the judges for the Liverpool Music Awards. The city has been at the forefront of the music scene for over 60 years and has consistently produced amazing talent” says Janice Long.

The respected panel also includes founder of LIPA, Mark Featherstone-Witty, programme director for the MA in music industry studies at the University of Liverpool Dr Mike Jones, Simon Glinn, executive director of Liverpool Philharmonic Hall & Events, Liverpool Echo music writer Jade Wright, BBC Radio Merseyside's Dave Monks, Craig G Pennington, editor and publisher of music magazine Bido Lito! More names are to be announced in coming weeks.

The awards promises to celebrate the diverse mix of musical talent and entrepreneurial achievements of our city’s music industry.  “I feel extremely privileged to come from Liverpool and have the opportunity to play the music from my hometown on my Radio 2 show. These awards recognise the abundance of wonderful music coming out of Liverpool. Long may it continue" adds Janice.

“Janice Long is a huge icon in the music industry, and is renowned for championing new music. From her days at BBC Radio Merseyside, through to BBC Radio 1 and now BBC Radio 2, Janice has always been proud of her Scouse roots, and the brilliant music which comes from our city. I could not be happier about having Janice on the judging panel, she is such an inspiration.  Apart from her vibrant personality and passion for music, I love that Janice is effectively ‘genre-neutral’, and only distinguishes music as either ‘good or ‘bad.’ This makes her a perfect judge for the Liverpool Music Awards, since they are not genre specific. I am delighted to have Janice's support, and hopefully her involvement will mean that in these final two weeks, even more individuals, groups and organisations will be nominated” says awards organiser Ellie Phillips

In one of those careers completely powered by a passion for music. Janice’s life has been full of amazing memories, legendary gigs and classic moments as a radio and TV host. But because BBC Radio 2’s much-loved late night presenter doesn't shout it from the rooftops, it’s a bit too easy to forget just how many bands and artists she’s been first on the scene with, eager to present them with a national platform. The list of artists she’s championed is distinguished indeed, from Frankie Goes To Hollywood to Amy Winehouse and beyond.

It also says a lot about Janice that the only club she’s ever been a member of was Eric’s, the famous Liverpool nightspot that helped launch so many new wave artists. “I saw loads of gigs there, then I used to go to the Warehouse and see bands five nights a week, while I was working at Radio Merseyside. “This was the end of the ’70s and start of the ’80s, punk had happened, it was very, very exciting, and there were clubs reflecting that, so much so that when I joined Radio Merseyside I suggested they do a programme that covered the scene that was going on. I just wanted to produce it, but they said, “Nobody knows what you’re talking about,” so you do it. That’s when I started doing sessions on radio. I remember going to see Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s first gig at Mr. Pickwick’s in Liverpool. They were just astonishing, everyone was blown away.”

Late in 1982, her own big break arrived. “I got offered the job at Radio 1, because they’d heard about the show, and I was fortunate enough then to be able to start there doing Saturday nights, 7.30 till 10, in Manchester, and they let me do sessions.” A little later, she would host Radio 1’s early evening show four nights a week. With the evangelistic enthusiasm that’s still her trademark, Janice would lobby labels and publishers to sign Frankie. As the Liverpool scene developed, she would also champion the likes of OMD, The Mighty Wah!, China Crisis and Echo & the Bunnymen.

There’s still time to nominate your favourite local artists and industry people for the Liverpool Music Awards. Entries and nominations close on Friday August 17 2012. 

The Fifteen Award Categories include; Live Music Venue of the Year, Live Music Night of the Year, Artist Manager/Management Team of the year, Producer/Production Team of the Year, Recording Studio of the Year, Record Label of the Year, Single of the Year, Album of the Year, Female Artist of the Year, Male Artist of the Year, Band of the Year, DJ of the Year, One To Watch, Local Music Champion and Outstanding Contribution to Music.

For further details on the Liverpool Music Awards and how to nominate go to

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