24 September 2012

MusicMafia presents The High Commissioners

The High Commissioners

MusicMafia presents The High Commissioners

Meet The High Commissioners; young psychedelic blues outfit living in North London. Since summer 2011 the gregarious group have been fervently immersing themselves within the city’s music scene, frequenting the brightly decorated small stages such as Shoreditch’s Cargo, as well as the endearingly reputable old venues like The Hawley Arms in Camden Town.

Domenico stomps a groove based punch with a tribal rhythm on the drums, whilst vocalist Will exclaims a dreamy melancholic lyric with a soulful holla

that playfully romanticises ideals of mischief and decadence, decorated by the classically educated lead guitarists Facundo and Felix plucking thoughtfully constructed melodies on their jazzy reverb-laced guitars with a heavy kind of Rock n Roll gusto.The songbook does appear to be rooted in blues, but also displays influence from 60s surf pop, neo-psychedelia, Californian rock and Soul music.

As well as continuing to spread their performance through cities and towns of the south of England such as Reading, Bristol, Bath and Brighton, the four also travel over to Paris where Facundo and Felix originally hail from, commanding popular underground hot-spots such as ‘le Pop in’ and ‘l’International,’and even busking for smaller audiences on the Parisian streets when breaking from the stage.

The band has always shown keen interest in the live scene, but it is
important to mention they have been working on the writing and recording of their debut album in the studio; produced by guitarist Felix. Proclaiming

wishes to be a self-manufactured band, all aspects of their work whether it artwork, video or even web design have been constructed and developed by the group themselves or close friends; a truly DIY band.

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