27 September 2012

UK artist Stampie Major releases video for single MAXIMUM

Stampie Major

UK artist Stampie Major releases video for single MAXIMUM

MAXIMUM is the exciting new music video introducing Stampie Major, a multi talented artist set to make an incredible impact in the music scene. Stampie’s charismatic sound combines a unique blend of smooth singing vocals with a captivating and seamless rap flow. MAXIMUM offers a fresh glimpse of a hot new artist, ready to burst onto the scene with original lyrics and a likeable style the music industry can really look forward to. 

The hit track produced by Martin Buchanan is layered with futuristic, digital sound effects and complimented by a fierce, deep drop in the bass. The chilling yet warm song is due for September release and is presented in an abstract video which is shot around London’s sophisticated night lit streets. Directed and edited by WallFly Entertainment the two sides to Stampie are cleverly reflected in the video’s mysterious play on duality. The simple and sleek look of the video displays a sophistication and class, which distinguishes it from the themes of other current music videos. 

Stampie’s confident performance style portrays the passion and enthusiasm the artist has to make a genuine mark within the music industry. Highlighting the concept behind MAXIMUM Stampie reveals: “The track means I have the power to charm people and put them under my spell.” There is no denying once you’re acquainted with Stampie’s music you’re bound to be hooked. 

The unsigned UK artist is determined and working extremely hard to take his music to the next level with an album on the way and official single release, entitled On My Way. Stampie’s versatile music style with underground and commercial influences will attract a diverse and appreciative audience. The dedicated promotional push for MAXMIUM is an insight into the South East Londoner’s hard work ethic and commitment to music. 

MAXIMUM is just the beginning of many great innovative compositions from a gifted musician with a dream so big it starts at the Maximum point. MAXIMUM will be available in September on iTunes, Spotify and Zune.

 For more information on Stampie Major: 
Twitter: @StampieMajor 

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