7 October 2012

MusicMafia presents California band Time and Energy

Time and Energy

MusicMafia presents California band Time and Energy

Two heads are always better than one, right? For Santa Ana, California's Time and Energy, two friends have teamed up to form a dynamic duo, utilizing a smorgasbord of instruments and looping techniques to concoct a unique cocktail of experimental rock. Part live performance and part pre-recorded samples and loops, the pair of childhood friends perpetually generate a wall of powerful, yet balanced sounds as they ready their new LP Strange Kind of Focus.

Formed out of the ashes of a 4-piece rock band, Jorge Rios and Brennan Roach picked up where their departed bandmates left off, deciding to assume control of all musical duties in their absence. Vocals, guitar, bass, keys and percussion fall into Rios' capable hands, while his counterpart Roach contributes equal parts drums, percussion, bass, guitar, keys and clarinet. Coupled with their mastery of loops and samples, the duo builds songs into grandiose crescendos, inviting new dimensions and rhythms to the musical party which would otherwise be impossible.

Their debut Entertainica crash landed on the independent music scene three years after forming, featuring a smattering of unique experimental tracks laced with hints of indie, blues, jazz and electronica. The ebb and flow of the record continuously swerves in and out of numerous influences and genres, heightening Time and Energy's affinity for fearless creativity and jam-based songwriting formula.

Now Rios and Roach are preparing to take the next step, having self-recorded their follow-up album "Strange Kind of Focus" at a house in the woods of Santa Cruz County. With one West coast tour already under their belts, they are currently booking live dates throughout California and beyond while shopping the new LP to prospective labels.

"Strange Kind of Focus" is due for release November 16th, 2012

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