19 October 2012

The Scribes Present Ill Literature

The Scribes

The Scribes Present Ill Literature

Ill Literature” is a collaborative production bought to you by the combined talents of beat maker and lyricist Shaun Amos (The Scribes/Exposure Music Award's Best UK Urban Act), multi instrumentalist and bass specialist Jake Galvin (Cosmo Jarvis/Bass Guitar Magazine) and singer/guitarist Jack Joyce (Spoken In Sonar) alongside a host of other musicians and producers.

With it's roots firmly in hip hop and backed up by booming beats and rock solids bass lines , “Ill Literature” takes these foundations and builds upon them a musical tapestry of interwoven guitars, synths and keys to produce a soulful and melodic brand of music quite unlike any other.

Lyricist Shaun Amos provides fitting vocalisations for each lovingly crafted sound scape, ranging from free flowing wordplay and imagery on tracks such as “Burning Bridges” and “Dragon Breath”, to more contemplative story telling with the beautifully constructed narratives of “Pipe Dreams” and “Jonny Wayne”.

Recorded over the last year and featuring additional instrumentation and production from Josiah Manning (Momentum Studios), Jamie Rowland (BBC/The Rising) and Jonny Steele (The Scribes), the project manages to take in a wide range of influences and styles and make them it's own with spectacular results.

Lead single “Monsters” is a prime example, combining dubby synth bass, hip hop beats and intricate guitar work with rapid fire raps and soulful singing, and is accompanied by a wonderfully directed and produced music video from BeFree Media, the sheer scale of which makes it a must watch.

Released on October 7th 2012, “The Scribes Present Ill Literature” is sure to turn heads throughout the musical world, having already received airplay and critical acclaim on BBC Radio 1 Introducing and EatMusic Radio, as well as being named “Album Of The Month” on Riviera FM, and represents a new and melodic style of hip hop that just cannot be ignored.

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