13 November 2012

70 Year old Stevie Greg releases a Jammy little Christmas

Jammy little Christmas

70 Year old Stevie Greg releases a Jammy little Christmas

Let me introduce you to Stevie Greg; STEPHEN GREGORY is an award-winning horror novelist ... and now a hit song-writer! He quit teaching in the 80s, moved to a cottage in the mountains of Snowdonia, and wrote three dark disturbing novels.

He lives and works in Borneo with his artist wife Christine, diver-environmentalist son Nick, and two dogs, Poppy and Marmite, but they're hoping to move soon to their 500-year-old fortified farmhouse in France or their daughter-in-law's farm in Thailand.

Appalled by the onset of middle-age, Stephen wrote his JAMMY LITTLE CHRISTMAS SONG so that he could become a rich and famous 'rock god' and hang out with Mick 'n' Keith in Beverley Hills ... Kirsty Maclean sings, Jamie Hutchinson is the raunchy guitarist, and the percussion and engineering were done by Nick Wilson in his super studio.

JAMMY LITTLE CHRISTMAS SONG starts off in winsome mood, and explodes into the catchiest, most infectious Christmas party anthem the pop world has heard for decades! ...upbeat, warm and optimistic, just unashamedly good fun, with a great family message!

Play it loud!

Play it again, LOUDER! ... with a big glass of sherry in one hand and a mince pie in the

Drink the sherry ... top up your glass ...

And play the song again, LOUDER! ... and I'll promise that the jammy tune will stick
inside your head and you'll be singing it for the rest of the day!

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